What We Do

shoe fitting

At Lyle’s Shoes we are dedicated to helping our customers find the best fitting shoes for their personal and lifestyle needs.

We understand that this takes time and patience.

It’s important that you feel relaxed and enjoy your shopping experience with us.

We want to hear the background to your footwear fitting problems so that we can advise regarding the best choice for you.

We will spend time observing your feet and your gait, we will ask about orthotics, medical conditions that affect your feet and your mobility ….. While we are not doctors and don’t claim to be this information helps us to select what we consider to be the best products for your needs.

At this point we will offer a selection of footwear to try on. Whether you try one pair or many pairs we are happy to work with you to ensure the correct type, width, size, depth and fit.

We are always happy to engage with your physiotherapist, health professional or consultant so that, together we can offer the best footwear solution for you.

We stock recommended orthopaedic, therapeutic and diabetic footwear at everyday low prices and travel regularly to international footwear and healthcare trade shows to ensure we continue to have the best offering possible for our customers many and varied needs.