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Because Arthritis affects the joints, and particularly so those of the feet and lower limbs, choice of footwear is paramount as part of a treatment plan to avoid pain and maintain best possible mobility. A shoe-fitter will most likely recommend footwear with a strong and relatively inflexible sole, the aim being to control the amount of flexing within the foot whilst best supporting the biomechanical system of bones and joints beyond the feet.

An incorrect shoe will allow and perhaps even encourage misalignment of the joints ant ankle, knee and hip. This will lead to unnecessary abrasion and therefore pain throughout. Correct footwear has the potential to reduce or even eliminate foot pain while protecting the joints beyond the feet.

Most footwear suitable for people with arthritis will have one or perhaps two layers of insoling material which can be removed to accommodate a corrective insole or any other orthotic device.

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Lyles Shoes The Style You Want, The Fit you Need