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Bunion, or Hallux Valgus, can be a painful and debilitating condition and are endured by many, both Male and Female. The disfigurement of the forefoot can make finding suitable footwear extremely difficult. It is important that there is ample room within the toe box of the shoe to accommodate the toes, particularly so if the toes are overlapping. It is also important that the fit of the shoe overall is true to the foot shape.

A shoe fitter will advise a low to medium heel height to avoid unnecessary pressure on the ball of the foot and the affected joint. There should be no internal seam in the area of the bunion. We stock many styles shoes with a stretch panel at the ball joint to reduce pressure on the bunion. Soft, high quality leather uppers and linings will permit natural stretching of the upper, helping to achieve a perfect fit.

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Lyles Shoes The Style You Want, The Fit you Need